Thank you for taking the time to read about Tour Colorado membership and membership benefits.  Tour Colorado (TC) is the only state organization that specializes in bringing packaged travel to Colorado.

Being a member of Tour Colorado presents exciting and invaluable opportunities.  Each year, Tour Colorado represents our members at the following industry tradeshows:

  • American Bus Association Marketplace (ABA)
  • Travel Alliance Partners (TAPDANCE)
  • Student Youth Travel Association Conference (SYTA)
  • National Tourism Association Convention (NTA)
  • Travel Industry Association of Colorado (T IAC)

If on your own, you were to attend each industry trade show, the cost is approximately $2,000 –  $3,000, or more.

Tour Colorado represents you and brings back leads from these tradeshows which are immediately sent out to membership. Members have told us that even one good lead is able to pay for membership. Leads and information received at past trade shows is also fulfilled. At these important industry trade shows, Tour Colorado normally has pre-set appointments and speaking opportunities with tour operators to promote the entire TC membership.  Information sheets about Colorado and specifically, member profile sheets are given out. Often, TC is asked to speak about the organization, and present information directly benefiting members.

Tour Colorado hosts a meeting for the Membership seven to ten times each year. The meetings are held at member locations and members are provided the opportunity to showcase their location and business. The 2010 meeting locations and speakers are exciting and informative. Members and tour operators are from all over the United States.

Tour Colorado meetings provide excellent opportunities to network and do business with other members and also to learn about different aspects of the tourism industry from our exceptional guest speakers. Every year we host special guest speakers which include the Presidents from SYTA, NTA, and ABA who are leaders in the group tour and packaged travel industry. We are fortunate to have relationships with such industry leaders and organizations.  They bring a wealth of current information that helps our businesses grow and thrive.

The Tour Colorado website is presently being updated and redesigned to better service our members and tour operators and highlight  the twenty-five Colorado Scenic Byways and itineraries.  TC website banner ads have proven to be exceptional value for our members. Since 2008 there has been an Interactive Manual on a CD-ROM that included the whole Tour Colorado membership with live links to websites, as well as general state information.  
We’re looking forward to welcoming you as an esteemed member of Tour Colorado and help bring more of the group tour and packaged travel industry to you.


Carrie Whitley, President Tour Colorado