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5 beautiful soaking pools at The Springs Resort and Spa. These spacious, deluxe pools feature some of the first known jetted hot spring pools in the world, and the views are some of the best at the resort.

Terraced to overlook the beautiful San Juan River, The Springs offers numerous hot pools to choose from. Multiple temperatures, ranging from 83 to 114 degrees F. (27-46 C.), ensure you will find the right comfort level.

Every pool offers a different experience and we encourage
you to try them all. Two pools are designated as Adults Only, however, we have a non mineral family-friendly swimming pool, a fresh water jacuzzi, and 16 soaking pools for the children to enjoy. Swim attire is mandatory in all resort pools.

Start at the top in The Overlook or Sunset Social Club, overlooking Golden Pond with its population of gold fish and lily pads. Drop down and cross the submerged boardwalk to The Cliffs, a secluded pool nestled beneath the fascinating cliff formations created naturally over the years by the rich, mineral-laden waters which flow over them.

For the ultimate experience, wander down to the river and step into the cooler pools.. Crick Pool (a waterfall, stream-fed pool )or The Burg …both anchored to the banks of the river and mixing with the cold mountain run-off. Relax, as you watch the timeless movement of the waters downstream, and witness the 20-inch trout that inhabit the river.

Visit Paradise, Boulder, Aspen, Treasure, Tranquility, and Columbine. Test your mettle with a toe dip into Lobster Pot which often sports a steamy temperature of 114 degrees (F)! Clouds in my Coffee (Adults Only), another large sized popular pool was christened with a marriage proposal the first week it opened.

Marco Polo sits below the view of most of the pools, and is just sized for two, making a cozy escape for relaxing and listening to the sounds of the river at your feet. Just above is The Venetianwhose design and construction was inspired by the beautiful polar bear pools at the Albuquerque Zoo.

Probably the most “therapeutic” pool is Waterfall. A rushing waterfall of warm water pounds into the pool causing soaker’s to patiently wait their turn to sit under the strong flowing water and let the water’s force pulse and massage sore neck and shoulder muscles.

One of the newest pools (opened Oct. 2004) is Serendipity (Adults Only). This pool has quickly become one of the most popular pools in the “family”. It has a 6 ft. expanse of water falling into the pool. Behind the waterfall is a grotto with a hidden bench for sitting and enjoying the “under water experience”. A front row seat on the San Juan River, allows soaker’s to enjoy watching kayakers and rafters speeding by in the rushing river water below.

Pool #18 was created in the early spring of 2005 making it the 3rd “river pool” at the Resort. Located between The Berg and The Crick Tub, this new pool mixes with the cool river water, providing a special experience for soaker’s. River pools afford you the ability to step right from the pool into the river for a quick and exhilarating “cold plunge” experience.

This pool was named in honor of the Resorts resident “pool guru”, Michael Degree. Michael is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the health of each soaking pool and he has been with the Resort for over 10 years.

The newest addition to the Resort pools had its grand opening on Father’s Day 2005. A cool water swimming pool (85 degrees F./29 C. ) with lap lanes and 15 ft x 15 ft non-mineral Jacuzzi pool (95 degrees F./35 C.) sit in the center of an expansive deck surrounded by lots of umbrellas and lounge chairs. The Jacuzzi flows into the swimming pool providing a whole new experience for visitors.

Predicted to become more of a family gathering area, this new pool will offer big screen movie viewing on specially selected evenings during the warm weather months. Families can relax, play, swim and “Find Nemo” all at the same time!

No matter what your preference is—soaking or swimming—The Springs Resort offers something for everyone in a magnificent outdoor river setting that is like no other!!!

Services & Amenities:

The Springs Resort Bath House is open to the General Public for soaking and relaxing in our 23 different hot mineral pools and our new cool saltwater swimming pool and Jacuzzi pool. Hours of operation are daily from 7AM-11PM (Sun-Thur) and 7AM-1AM (Fri-Sat, Holidays and every day June 15-Labor Day). Towels, robes and locker facilities are available to day visitors for a minimal rental fee.

The Resort has a 79 room “boutique” hotel, offering Standard, Deluxe and EcoLuxe accommodations. All hotel guests receive COMPLIMENTARY 24-HOUR ACCESS to the soaking pools via a private hotel guest entrance, and plush spa robes for use during their stay. Towels and locker accommodations are also complimentary to all registered hotel guests.

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