pawnee pioneer trails viewClick Here for the Pawnee Pioneer Scenic Byway

  • Start in Fort Morgan, once home to big band leader, Glenn Miller. Visit the Fort Morgan Museum which tells the story of Fort Morgan, Morgan County, and North East Colorado. See bones, arrowheads, an amazing soda fountain, and many more interesting items. Take in the Rainbow Arch Bridge, one of the longest Marsh Arch designs in the U.S.
  • Off the byway, take I-76 to Sterling and visit the Overland Trail Museum & Village, where exhibits commemorate the historic westward migration of gold seekers and early pioneers.
  • Go west on CO 14 to New Raymer and follow the county roads to the Pawnee Buttes National Grassland. Paleontologists have discovered numerous fossils at the Pawnee Buttes. Enjoy great bird watching. Pawnee Buttes, the grassland’s most famous landmark, has long been an important guidepost to travelers through the area. Pawnee Buttes are actually remnants of a 70-90 million year ago inland sea bottom. Over the eons, the deposited minerals hardened into sandstone and siltstone. This is now grouped into three formations – White River, Arikaree, and Ogallala.
  • Go to Grover and check out the Depot Museum, housed in the building which was once part of the Burlington and Quincy Railroad. The building itself was built in the 1880s and details the town’s past and how people used to live and work in the region.
  • From Grover, return to CO 14 by the Crow Recreation Area.
  • End in Ault