Length: 49 miles
Driving time: 1-2 hours
Open: Summit Open Memorial Day to Labor Day
Closed to Motor Coaches, Vans Only

Mount Evans Itinerary

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway climbs more than 7,000 feet in just 28 miles, reaching an altitude of 14,264 feet. The upper section of this road is the highest paved highway in North America. At the summit, the entire Front Range and Continental Divide sprawls at your feet. This highest of Rocky Mountain highs brings you to the rarefied world above timberline. Here there is an amalgam of hardy wildflowers, lichens and grasses, furry mammals like pikas and marmots, rock-jumping mo

untain goats, and alpine lakes. This is perhaps the best place in Colorado to catch a glimpse of the stately bighorn sheep. 

A new extension was recently added to the byway from Echo Lake to Bergen Park via Clear Creek County Road 103 and Jefferson County Road 66. The route takes the visitor from open ponderosa and juniper hills, and open meadows, up through deep spruce forests and into the magnificent splendor of the alpine environment.

Main Town: Idaho Springs

Features Include:                                                                              

  • Highest paved road in North America
  • Only 14,000-foot Colorado mountain for cyclists,
  • Arapahoe National Forest
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Summit Lake; Echo Lake; Lower Chicago Lake; Idaho Springs Reservoir
  • Wildflowers

Wildlife: Bighorn sheep, mountain goat, furry brown marmot, pika, mountain lion, black bear, Black Rosy-Finch.