Pawnee Pioneer Trails

Length: 128 miles
Driving time: 3 hours.

Pawnee Pioneer Trails Itinerary

When looking upon the Great Plains, pioneers and gold seekers could hardly believe their eyes. What they saw were buffalo, antelope, deer, and even bears, roaming the grasslands for as far as the eye could see. This byway traverses the rugged Colorado Piedmont, a wide-open region anchored by the towering Pawnee Buttes.

Travelers can imagine how the short grass prairie appeared to Native Americans many centuries ago, and to the frontiersmen who followed. Railroad towns sprang up, flourished, and declined. The communities that remain are as tough and resilient as the land they occupy –hardy symbols of America’s pioneering spirit.

Main Towns: Sterling, Fort Morgan, Ault, and Grover

Features Include:

Pawnee National Grasslands Bird Photography Site Guide PDF

Birdwatching Expected Species & Site Species
The Pawnee National Grasslands has an online birding Checklist located at:

Wildlife: Coyotes, prairie dog, rattlesnake, pronghorn antelope, Ferruginous hawk. raptor, lark, and more than 200 other bird species.