Length: 19 miles
Driving time: 30 Minutes
Open All: Year

South Platte River Trail Itinerary

This scenic byway, while the shortest in the state, packs a wallop for those who enjoy the true grit of Western history. It’s a 19-mile loop that takes you through everything from Colorado’s only Pony Express station to the Lincoln Highway — the first coast-to-coast car route in the nation. 

History buffs will enjoy the site of what was once Fort Sedgwick — an important post established in 1864, and constructed for the protection of early telegraph lines and pioneers bound for the “untamed West.” “Buffalo Bill” Cody rode here for the Pony Express.

Main Town: Julesburg

Features Include:

  • Fort Sedgwick Museum
  • Pony Express

Wildlife:Deer, antelope, bald eagle, hundreds of migrating ducks, more than 150 Vertebrate species.